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Who we are


The main goal of New Flag Logistics is to improve our work techniques as much as possible, as well as to offer the highest quality services to our customers.


Commitment to our customers:

To advise our customers in their expansion plans through an effective service with ethics, respect and courtesy in our personal and commercial relations.

Quality in our processes:

We have made a commitment to an ongoing improvement of our processes through investments in technology, knowledge and human resources.


Our Organization


NEW FLAG LOGISTICS is a new company that operates in the international transport service market and in import and export consultancy. We are a complete logistics provider, having sea and air contracts with various ship owners and airline companies to different destinations in the world so that we can advise our customers concerning their logistic needs.

We work so that our customers become more agile in their business strategies and reach their goals within their deadlines.


We have built a network of partners who already know and respect our local needs. Together with our organization, they focus on serving customers in the most efficient and economical way. We are always adjusting ourselves to the needs of our partners and aiding in reducing our customers' costs.

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